Get off the train of mediocrity!


Positive thoughts create a change in the Neuroplasticity in the brain. Positive thoughts change the frequency of the neurons in the brain. In this state of mind positive coincidences and synchronicities become daily occurrences, fast-tracking changes in your life you could never imagined possible.
Inspired by David Wood – Empower Network.
Please take from this what you feel comfortable with. Start, it will work for you. Remember, visualisation registering in your subconscious mind is more powerful than images you have actually experienced.
To the brain it is actually real.
This is how you create the reality you want.

Affirmations & Visualisations

Let’s take a deep breath, its March already, St Patrick’s Day, Easter, School Holidays and sadly most New Years resolutions are history. Oops, me too! I missed 3 weeks of gym, the February heat wave (weak excuse, the gym is air conditioned).

Lets regroup and take a different approach. WHAT WENT WRONG? 99% of the thoughts in our heads are the same we had yesterday, the week before and the year before, so lets do this together. Let’s commit to a new vision:

•    To Live More
•    To Love More
•    To Believe More
•    To Do More
•    To Give More
•    To Experience More
•    To Travel More
•    To Laugh More
•    To Be You More

START DREAMING! Match the dreams in your head and get total clarity on ‘what you really want’. Your  dreams do not materialise in the physical first. It starts and is accelerated in the mind. There is a slow process or a fast process. The fast process is called Creative Visualisation.

Visualise your life 3 years from now. The house, the car, the bank balance and the holiday destinations. Enhancing the feeling accelerates the outcome! These include sound, taste and emotion .

How to do it
Set aside a time and place daily for your meditations, visualisations and affirmations. Do it at the same time every day preferably first thing in the morning or just before bed when you are a little tired. Visualisation begins by closing you eyes and creating a mental image of what you want. The more you practice, the clearer the images become. Always try to imagine the same images everyday, adding more detail as you become more comfortable with the process. Look at the pictures in your mind as a movie, with yourself as the actor and play out the new you and success vividly.

Reference: Having it all – John Assaraf

Be your own Valentine!


It doesn’t matter whether you are involved or single, you have to love yourself first before you can love anybody else…

Science shows we are wired for love and a sound mind. Once you have mastered loving yourself, you can go out and love the world.
Get ready to show you really mean it.
~Pierre hugo.

The Brain. Who is in charge?

Our brain is changing as our mind is thinking. We think and choose and the brain does the adjustments. Our mind controls the brain and the body of which the brain is a part, not the other way around.

Matter does not control us, we control matter through our thinking and choosing. We cannot always control the events and circumstances in our lives, but we can control our reactions. By controlling our reactions, we change the outcome, less stress, anxiety, and depression. A new reality.

So to achieve everything you want to change, you must learn to change the way you think. You make the decision, we will help make it happen.

Inspired by Dr Caroline Leaf
Author of Switch on your brain



Noticing what you are noticing…

Are you desperate to feel at peace, happy and alive? It’s all about turning negative experiences into positive ones.

Anywhere, anytime, in a few seconds, get into the mindfulness zone.

Take 5 and notice everything around you slowly, one step at a time. The sky, wind, feel the rain and the sun’s rays. Look for beauty. Be in the present and feel the feeling of being alive.

Enjoy breathing. Become aware of how you are experiencing life. If you are experiencing a negative emotion, know you can control what you are thinking. Focus and control your own experience.


Inspired by Mary Morrissey,
Author of “Stronger than Circumstance”